Watched this movie yesterday before shift. Ang ganda lang. Very very light ang mga kwento. Nakakatuwa lang sila lahat. Pinaka-favorite ko yung sa kwento nila Bea and Zanjoe.

With my wave mates and former trainer.

Went to Brother’s Burger after we watched Captain America.


Wave 23 with our trainers Sir Abner and Ms. Madz.


With my co-trainees.

Mcdo Boni 07022011

With some of my co-Trainees. Wave 23

061011. CG1

When I’m with my co-trainees:

During our training:

When I didn’t understand the lesson:

When I understand the lesson:

During our lunch break and the other 2 15 min. breaks:

Going home:

Just got home from our training. I’m having so much fun. I love my co-trainees! They are all fun to be with and very approachable. That’s why I never get bored.

Ang nakakainis lang eh yung pag sasakay na ko ng jeep na pa-Proj.4, ang tagal tagal kase ng pag-aantay. 1am ba naman kase oras ng uwi mo eh! Siyempre, kailangang mapuno ng pasahero yung jeep.

Irrelevant gif

Hi to my new followers! Thanks for following.

Will have my first day of training for my first job this afternoon. 4pm-1am. Safe pa naman umuwi ng ganung oras eh! Pag naglalakwatsa nga ko, 2am pa ko umuuwi minsan. Haha! Malapit lang naman kami sa Ortigas.

I’m like:

What happened? Something’s wrong with your haircut! 

Sweet! I really miss her. We should meet soon to catch up.

Hello Thai celebrity girlcrushes!

Aom Sucharat/ Sucharat Manaying- Pai In Love (2009), Yes Or No (2010)

Fern Pimchanok/ Pimchanok Leuwisedpaiboon- Crazy Little Thing Called Love/ First Love (2010), Bangkok Knockout (2010)

Pattie Ungsumalynn/ Ungsumalynn Sirapatsakmetha- Hormones (2008), Bangkok Traffic Love Story (2009)

Noona Nuengthida/ Nuengthida Sophon- Hello Stranger (2010)

I just changed my Facebook DP to this:

Then, that guy sent me a message. I don’t know who he is but we have 2 mutual friends (my 2 high school classmates).

I was like:

"Bazinga! It’s not me who’s in the picture, bro!"